Jan Pasteur (b. 1935), former company director, retired early in order to start a 'second career.' During a visit to Australia in 1988 he fell in love with the landscape over there and the paintings by Sir Hans Heysen. Back home he dedicated himself fully to painting, especially watercolours. He is still fascinated by the struggle to master the three elements: water, paint and paper - each trying to do their own thing.

He is an admirer of such great watercolourists as James Fletcher-Watson, whose book The Magic of Watercolour inspired him from the start [Fletcher-Watson's website], and Robert A. Wade, whose workshop he attended in Belgium and who taught him to "see with the brain, feel with the eyes, and interpret with the heart." Not to forget the impressionist John Yardley ("when I see a jumble, I paint a jumble"). Then there is that excellent tutor, Tony van Hasselt, whose Building Blocks of Painting are a 'must' and whose quote of Benjamin Franklin "failing to prepare is preparing to fail" is only too true, especially in watercolour! Tony van Hasselt's workshops are a revelation.

Having learnt from these masters, Jan Pasteur has nevertheless developed his own style and 'signature.'

Jan & Diana Pasteur

Jan & Diana Pasteur

Jan attended various workshops held by Tony van Hasselt (USA), John Yardly (UK), Judi Whitton (UK), Robert Wade (Australia), Jacky Pearson (New Zealand), Frank Francese (USA), and Kees van Aalst (Netherlands). He entered several exhibitions, solo ventures and competitions, winning several gold and silver awards. Many of his works sold are now in private collections the world over.

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